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Server Rules

Post by IrishDragon » Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:07 pm

Server Rules-

Yes, it is possible to enjoy yourself with order.

2) No Laming
This SHOULD be pretty easy to understand, but many people seem to have a problem understanding this very simple rule. If someone's saber is not up, DO NOT ATTACK THEM. It's that easy. Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule:
a.) If you are attacked, and you attack back and the person runs away, you have full right to pursue them until they are dead.
b.) If someone kicks you repeatedly, you have full right to chop their head off
c.) If an unarmed person is in an FFA zone, they are open season reguardless of if they have saber on or off. FFA zones are dubbed such so that Free-For-Alls may take place there. Not so people can lollygag around and cry lame when they get hit.

3) No swearing, insults, or bigotry.
Reguardless of how you are feeling at the time, swearing is not allowed on the AoF servers. Many of our members are under the age of 16, and so are many of our guests. So either come to the server with a clean mouth or don't come at all. Insults and Bigotry are not allowed either. If you start calling someone "Moron" "Retard" etc, not only does it reflect your IQ level, but it also will earn you a silence

4) No sexual comments.
Easy enough

5) No offensive Force usage without saber up
This is where people get confused. The following Force powers are considered "Offensive" in the AoF servers:
*Push (when used repeatedly [aka spamming] or used to kill someone [pushing them into lava, elevator, etc])
*Pull (when used to kill or spammed)
*Drain (it takes away force power of people, and they could be in mid jump at the time.)
*Mind Trick in conjuction with an attack

6) No Padawan/"No Name" names
If you put the effort into changing the default name to something a little more original (even a single letter will suffice), then stay off the servers. "No Name" people include those who use punctuation as their name.

7) Respect Admins and Members
This rule includes not only Admins, but all [AoF] members. If you are told to stop something, you will stop or be removed. If there is not an admin able to come to the server at the time, you may still find yourself getting punished from outside the server via Rcon or by someone whom was granted admin via Rcon. Mind the fire at ALL times, as you are indeed being watched
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