The Angels of Fire Jedi Order: Rank Rules

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The Angels of Fire Jedi Order: Rank Rules

Post by Novus'Olm » Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:31 am

After each rank category, there will be a list of rules.
These rules are clearly outlined, and cannot be changed unless Grand Master Iriss'ah changes them.

.:The Angels of Fire Rank Rules:.
.:Starting out with The Angels of Fire:.
Rank I: .:Hopeful:. {H}

This person is generally raw, brand new to the game (or little experience) and has little to no skill with a lightsaber, and barely understands the concept of The Living Force. Hopefuls are required to attend training classes set forth by the Jedi Council or a Jedi Knight who wishes to sponsor a class.

Rank II: .:Initiate:. {I}

Standing out from the sea of hopefuls, this individual is given a bit less restriction. Initiates are no longer required to attend training classes, but it is suggested and highly recommended.
  • Hopefuls and Initiates are not allowed to use Dark Side powers at any time.
  • Single saber must be used at all times unless during a special event approved by The Jedi Council and/or Grand Master Iriss'ah.
  • Hopefuls and Initiates are not allowed to represent The Angels of Fire in TFFAs unless approved by The Jedi Council in advanced or with a majority vote on the server.
.:The Training Begins:.
.:Rank III: Padawan {P}

This individual, having been sponsored by a Jedi Knight or above, is now a full member of The Angels of Fire. This is where one on one training truly begins for the path to Knighthood. Padawans are given more access to the forums, and also given more responsibility to be a role model for the younglings.

Padawans who have a Jedi Council member for a master may also be chosen for a TFFA if we are low on Jedi Knights and above to attend.
  • Padawans may not use Dark Side powers at any time
  • Single saber must be used at all times, and during special events their master must approve any other saber usage.
  • A padawan's master always has the final say, not the council, on what the Padawan uses.
  • Padawans should always address their master as "Master" or "Master <name>" while this is not a "rule", it is highly suggested.
.:The path of the Jedi:.
Rank IV: Jedi Knight

This person has faced the Jedi Trials, looked the dark side in the face, and lived to tell about it. Jedi Knights are given more access to the forums, new responsibilities, and admin.
  • Jedi Knights may take one Padawan 3 to 6 months after they are knighted, and only after passing Admin Training.
  • Jedi Knights must log into admin upon entering the server.
  • Dark Side is prohibited unless training your Padawan.
  • Single saber must be used unless training your Padawan or a special event.
  • Failure to use admin properly will result in it being taken away.
  • A Jedi Knight may only attempt a prestige class after they have either suggested Evaluations for their Padawan, or have served as a Knight for longer than 12 months.
Rank V: {JC} Jedi Consular, (Light blue){JG} Jedi Guardian, {JS} Jedi Sentinel

These individuals have taken the extra initiative and have taken a prestige class trial, and lived to tell the tale. As such, they may be given extra admin capabilities, and special rights based on their class.
  • Jedi Consulars are allowed to use Dark Side powers in FF duels.
  • Jedi Guardians may use any saber at any time.
  • Jedi Sentinels are still being discussed at this time.
  • A prestige rank may take one padawan.
  • If given extra admin, a prestige must use it properly or they will be either given instructor admin again, or removed from admin completely.
.:The Living Force:. Rank VI: Jedi Master {JM}

Jedi Masters are a bastion of light and hope to all Jedi. This is the most difficult rank to obtain, and many trials and tests must be passed. A Jedi Master has a seperate admin class, ability to manage the forums to a small degree, and is expected to be a role model for the entire clan along with the Jedi Council.
  • Jedi Masters may use any force powers or Lightsabers at any time of their choosing.
  • A Jedi Master may have 2 Padawans.
.:The Jedi Council:. {C} (with rank color)[/color]

The Jedi Council has the largest amount of forums administration aside from Grand Master Iriss'ah and Jedi Master Novus'Olm, and full admin to the server. (Excluding rcon commands) Jedi Council members are expected to be a role model for the entire clan, police the servers, enforce both clan and server rules, as well as forums rules, and use their admin as needed.
  • A Jedi Council member may have 3 Padawans.
  • Jedi Council members can use any saber type at any time
  • Jedi Council members may use Dark Side powers to train any member of the clan
  • Jedi Council members are expected to help members in any way possible, and to assist when they are called if they are at their PC.
  • Jedi Council members are in charge of running Jedi Classes for Hopefuls and Initiates, or appointing a Jedi Knight to do so in their place.

Jedi Academy Info:

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Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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The Angels of Fire Jedi Order: Rank Rules

Post by IrishDragon » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:18 am


<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>IrishDragon, the GrandMaster, has reserved the right to make use of Admin and Rcon as he see's fit and as he desires. His responsibilities are to maintain the server and relations with the host of the server. Maintain the forums behind the scenes, and update the website as needed. He is also responsible for chopping you to bits in duels and FF duels, as well as smoosh you in other game types.
  • Can use any saber and force at any time.
  • Can alter the servers game type, maps, mods at his desire.
  • Is not required to have a padawan, but will assist any member who asks, when available.
  • Has the power of veto, and the reserved right to out vote the council should a rare occasion be presented. All decisions are made in the best interest and the going concern of the clan.
  • etc...anything else is open ended as this position is constantly evolving.
Leader/Founder of the Angels of Fire
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The Angels of Fire Jedi Order: Rank Rules

Post by Novus'Olm » Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:35 pm

.:Council Advisor Novus'Olm :.
Forums Administration:

My forums administration abilities will be fully restored to their previous status. I will continue to moderate the forums, as well as manage and maintain them, in order to ensure easy accessability, organization, and the like. I will also continue to cycle out old sections and bring in new sections to assist with current projects that The Jedi Council creates, as well as fullfill my role as a Jedi Master in teaching new generations of Jedi the vital knowledge they will require through any means necessary. My current duties include:
  • Moderating the Forums according to the S.O.Ps (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Adjusting Forum settings, themes, categories, etc
  • Advanced moderation such as Banishment, Warning Levels, and Member Accounts
  • Organization of Council Topics and Policies for Clan Viewing

Server Administration:

I will continue to administrate the server according to the Jedi Council Standard Operating Procedures, but I will make a point to set an example on the Server as to how an administrative official should carry themselves.

I will also continue to use the Rcon set of Administrative Abilities, and follow the Rcon SOPs. As with all Rcon Holders, should a situation escalate beyond the Council's control, I will take control of the situation, and act according to The Grand Master's previously agreed upon Rcon SOPs.

If, with prior approval from Grand Master IrishDragon, an administrator is acting out of line, abusing their powers, and/or trying to act above another Admin of the same Level and Rank's decision without just cause, I will be able to temporarily remove administrative access from individuals as I have in the past.

The Jedi Council:

I realize that perhaps it is time to test other members of the clan, and current council members, in their ability to lead through example rather than in the background and making it look as if I make all the decisions on my own.

Therefore, I am taking a Limited Access role on The Jedi Council as an Ethics and Review Officer.

My duties will include:
  • Breaking Voting Ties in topics before they get escalated to IrishDragon.
  • Assisting in general brainstorming.
  • Overseeing progress and ensuring quick response from The Jedi Council on Clan Issues.
  • Assisting in the administrative process, such as applying new rules to our existing topics, creating new forums sections if necessary, etc.
  • Encouraging other members of The Jedi Council to voice their opinions publically, and posting their own ideas, once approved, into Law.
  • Continue to work on private projects already assigned by The Grand Master with Council Input, and any further Solo Projects as determined directly by ID himself.

Overrides will still apply in circumstances already outlined by The Rcon SOPs.

As mentioned above, I will not be taking a large active role on The Jedi Council as the "Spokesperson" and/or "Delegate" on a normal basis. I, as much as anyone, want to see others succeed and become a Leader in their own respect.

However, if, at any time, for any reason, I determine one of the following:
  • A Council Member is attempting to undermine the direct Principles, Ethics, and Foundation of The Angels of Fire Jedi Order, or bring harm to the Order...
  • A Council Member is attempting to repeat my own failed policies/procedures and/or reword mine, or any other previous Council Member's topics and claim as their own ideas, or repeat topics...
  • A Council Member completely undermines, violates, or otherwise attempts to ignore Rcon or Council SOPs, as well as acts in obvious poor judgement that could be considered "Abuse" or "Neglect of Duty"....
Upon delivering a full case before The GrandMaster directly, with full Council Access to said topic, complete with Evidence, Reasoning, Etc...

I will be able to jump in at any time, gain control of the situation, and advise the Council on the best course of action to pursue, and/or cancel the topic, action, decree, etc completely.

I want to stress the above. At no time will I just do whatever I feel like without proper evidence and support, and approval.


This "contract" of sorts will last for a period of no fewer than 3 months. I am excited to see what the new council members can bring to the clan, and to get existing council members off their butts and let their own ideas take shape.

I will essentially become the Guardian of AoF's spirit, and assist more in an administrative "backend" position from this point, up until the new council has established itself, upon which time I will return to Full Duty as a Senior Member of The Jedi Council.

Best of luck to the new folks, Welcome back to Reality Elk and HBK, and look forward to this new era.

Jedi Master Xzorin Tsara
Angels of Fire Jedi Council Advisor
Forums Administrator, Rcon

Approved in topic ID 9459 by Grand Master IrishDragon. Copied here for reference.

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Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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