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Signature limits

Post by Novus'Olm » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:31 pm

Forums Signature Rules Idea created by Raikiri, edited/proofread by Novus'Olm, and approved by IrishDragon.

Our signatures are starting to get to the point where the forums are lagging and it takes forever to view a topic.

Therefore, we're reinstating the Signature Limits rule from about 2 years ago.

Examples of an ideal signature:
Novus'Olm wrote:Name: Josh
Age: 18
Jedi Academy
Force: Light side
Master: Anca'lime
Most PromisingApprentices: Aries{P}, Wolverine{P}, Battyone{P}
Previous Apprentices: Phantasm{C}, H.B.K{JK}, Elkairah{C}, Gecko{I}
Current Goal: Train Aries and Wolv to be sexy Jedi Ka-Knights, and maybe Batty too I guess :P
Skin: The Phantom of the Opera
ZeroTM wrote:
Name: ZeroTM
Rank/Profession: Jedi Knight
Lightsaber Style: Single, Dual, Staff
Lightsaber Crystal: Purple
Combat Style: Ataru
Model: Advent Children - Cloud/White Cloud

The above signatures are Text only, and Mixture respectively. These are how they should be modeled after. Your rank can either be in your name or listed seperately.

Below is a graphics only signature:
Anca'lime wrote:
Two graphics is acceptable, but so long as they do not exceed the same length of the text/graphic combo signature.

Any questions can be directed to myself, Anca'lime, IrishDragon, or Phantasm.

Thank you,
The Angels of Fire Moderation Team

PS: You have until January 3rd to edit your signatures. After that, your sig will be cleared out and the contents PMed to you.

Jedi Academy Info:

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