UPDATED: Rules/Regulations of AoF 03/04/2012

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UPDATED: Rules/Regulations of AoF 03/04/2012

Post by Novus'Olm » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:21 pm

.:The Angels of Fire Jedi Order Rules and Regulations:.
Last updated 03/04/2012

.:General Clan Rules: Activity:.

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order understands more than most other clans that the drama/problems/etc of Real Life can often get in the way of gaming.

However, that being said, we are a Jedi Order, and you agreed to be active on the Jedi Academy Server when you accepted your tags, however long or short ago that may be.

Therefore, taking both of those into consideration, the new activity requirements are as such:
  • All members, from the youngest hopeful, to the most grizzled council member, will be subject to a minimum of 3 hours of playtime on the Angels of Fire Jedi Academy server(s) within any given week, unless they are physically not able to access the computer, or have been restricted in other ways (Parents, Overload of homework, Overtime at job, being called into work, etc).
  • All members, from the youngest hopeful, to the most grizzled council member, will be required to post on the forums and contribute to conversations relating to the Order. This does not include SPAM posts, if and when that section is brought back. If you really find it excruciatingly painful to post something of substance, like for example "Hey, I noticed that some of you guys have problems fighting Yellow, have you ever tried <insert strategy here>", then post a biography of a little known Jedi or Sith from the Expanded Universe. We have a "Biography of a Jedi" section in the Members Only area. No longer will the SPAM section serve as a shield for people to claim that they are active.
  • Hopefuls and Initiates will be given the right to an Extended Away status for RL situations ONLY. The Extended Away was always reserved for the rank of Padawan and above, and that is how it shall remain. Hopefuls have 1 month of unannounced AFK before they are up for removal, Initiates have 2, and Padawans have 3. Padawans who go on extended away may remain there for up to One Year before they can be considered for removal. Jedi Knights and above who have obtained their rank via the Jedi Trials cannot be removed from the order for inactivity, but they can be auto-retired and lose clan priveledges, depending on the circumstance.
  • Padawans who are unable to get onto the server, but can still access the forums, may be required by their masters to undergo written training in leu of physical training, via the forums.
.:Behavior/Respect/Conduct: Server and Forums

I have been asked recently by a few members where AoF should stand. As a role-playing order, or as a "Pro" clan with "refined tastes".

The Angels of Fire has always been a Jedi Order, just not in the sense of some orders like The Elders. AoF has always had a unique blend of Role Playing and just plain "Playing the game".

The Jedi Collective met on this issue in 2010, and agreed to stick to our traditions.

As such, we do allow a bit of leniency when it comes to behavior, because I like to joke around as much as the next Half-Demon-Twi'lek-Human-Mage-Combo Thing, but we need to moderate ourselves.

I'd like to quote Master Anca'lime on this:
Anca wrote:BEHAVIOR

This shouldn't have to even be commented on. Members, from the newest Hopeful to the longest serving Council members, should be polite and respectful to all who enter the server, even if that is not returned in kind.

Members who return violence and/or hurtful words with more violence and/or hurtful words are just as guilty as the one who started it. Sink to that level and you will find yourself punished as well as the person who started the whole thing.

Suffice it to say, there will be much trouble if it is discovered that AoF members are initiating fights, discriminating against guests(such as calling a new person a "n00b"), swearing, etc etc.

At the big meeting about a month or so ago, you all said you wanted more discipline. Expect to recieve it. No one, and I do mean no one, is exempt from the rules. Again, from the newest Hopeful to the longest serving council member, all will be subject to the laws of our Order.

This, of course, applies to guests as well.

Carry yourselves as Jedi AT ALL TIMES!
I think that almost sums it up, but use your common sense. Sexual/Ethnic/Racial/Religious and otherwise "Crude" remarks will not be allowed in Public or Clan Chat. This goes for myself, ID, and Phant, as well as everyone else. If you see a remark and want to throw out a "That's what she said", then abbreivate it as TWSS and just leave it alone. Don't harp on it, don't tell us about the night you got smeared with Tapioca and..... yeah. Just leave it at that. Try to keep your "Wtf" "FU" "kma" and other abbreviations of that nature to an absolute minimum. Make it funny, like I do sometimes at work (All my calls are monitored, so I can't swear) instead, I say things like "What the Coconut?" to get the customer's resistance level down and make them laugh. You'll find that works here too. I'd rather see "What the Inu?" instead of "Wtf?"

We're a Jedi Order folks. Sorry. I know that to some of you this may come as heartbreaking news, hoping that I'd wake up in the morning and just say "Ok, we'll try this No rules thing", but it just can't happen. We'll be a bit more lenient, but the rules are the rules. However, I can promise that changes are on the way to incorporate some of the more "radical" ideas in ways that will work for AoF. Dark Jedi? Maybe. Probably not, but Maybe. :o


Like it or not, if you joined this order, you're stuck with whoever else decides to apply as well. You don't have to love eachother, but you do have to like eachother and act as comrades rather than enemies.

The issues of Respect are hard to address, because to each person the word "Respect" means a different thing. Let me give you the "AoF Approved" defenition of Respect:

Respect: The ability to understand your fellow clan member's right to make their own choices in life, JA, or whatever other venues. No matter what race/gender/sexual orientation/religion/etc. Respect: The ability to put aside your differences and work as a team. Respect: Treating others the way you would want to be treated yourself. Respect: Allowing others to experience a Safe and Friendly gaming environment.

There should be no argument on the above statement, as it does not create a situation in which you are "bound and gagged" and turned into a mindless drone.

I'm asking everyone, regardless of age, to be an adult while in AoF. Don't take this and run up to someone and say "Per the Respect policy, you have to call me Daddy. It makes me feel safe." No. Use your head and your heart.

Everything else is fine. Addressing by title, not a problem, most people are using that. Other stuff, just use your head/heart.

.:Code of Honor:.

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order have always had a long-standing tradition and policy in regards to how we train our members in the way of the Saber and Force as compared to other groups/clans/communities within JKA.

Due to recent issues (as of 03/04/2012), it is now necessary to put that policy into writing.

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order forbids its members from using the following techniques, maneuvers, or "aides":
  • Fanning
  • Poking
  • Yawing
  • Scripting, or the use of third-party programs that enhance, automate, or otherwise alter a player's skills.
  • Glitching
  • "Gap"ing
  • "Ghost"-Modified Skins/Hilts
  • Any other technique, maneuver, or "aide" that is deemed unethical or dishonorable by The Jedi Council.
Additionally, members ranked {AH} to {P} are forbidden from:
  • Using the JA+ special maneuvers, such as the "Leap Frog" or "Tornado" maneuver during duels.
This is to ensure proper training and discipline.

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Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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UPDATED: Rules/Regulations of AoF 03/04/2012

Post by Novus'Olm » Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:06 pm


The Angels of Fire Jedi Order is, in my opinion, about as relaxed as it will ever get. We allow many freedoms to our members that we did not allow in the past, yet people still find a way to get into trouble.

AoF strives to be a close-knit group of Jedi. We do not want to be like some of the other types of clans out there who like to engage in questionable activities and flail around the server like a bunch of unsupervised toddlers.

As such, we have a system of Standard Operating Procedures in place to ensure that those who cannot or will not follow the rules and policies of this order are dealt with swiftly.

I am not all-powerful, I have rules and regulations that I am bound to, as is The Jedi Council, and The Jedi Collective. It is my job to ensure that AoF remains not only a friendly and safe environment, but that we retain our rules and regulations as well.

It's not unreasonable to ask that the lower ranks do the same.

So, I will word this as clearly as I can: Carry yourselves as "Jedi" at all times. If you flame someone on the forums, expect a warning. If you do it again, expect your "Lightning Rod" level to go up. Once this "Lightning Rod" level reaches 100%, you are banned from the forums until a Forums Administrator (Myself, Kodin, or ID) decide to unban you manually, which can take up to a week depending on our work situations, etc.

The "Lightning Rod" level, aka Warn Level, goes up by 20% each time that you recieve a formal forums warning. It stays at that level for at least a year. Therefore, if you did something back in January that you were given a Warning Level Boost from, and you decide to do something else now, your warning level would be 40%, not 20%.

On the server, you will be treated as any guest would be treated, with the 3 step system. Warning (Binds), Admin Action (Sleep/Silence/Spectate/etc), Removal.

If it goes to Step 4, which is Suspension, The Council will meet and discuss how long you will be suspended for. This can be anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the issue. The Council as a whole can elect to skip to Step 4 at any time.

Now, granted, I did say we were going to be more lenient, so if someone says "Vorus you suck", I'm not going to flash a Respect Bind and start off on Silencing people right away. Use your common sense.

A person at work told me once "If you wouldn't say it to your Grandmother, don't say it to a Customer." The same thing goes here. If you wouldn't swear at your Grandmother, don't do it to another clan member. (Some of you might tell your Grandmother to F* off, but let's be realistic here.)

If you want to unwind and let something slip, at least make sure it's in clan chat and not during a ceremony or event. My patience level is about as thin as a piece of paper during those times.

If you misbehave in front of guests or allies, expect to be reprimanded.

Sorry if that bothers some of you, but you know where the resignation box is.

.:Ceremonies and other Events:.

During Ceremonies, Meetings, and the like, we have found that within the past year, people tend to do as they wish and not take it seriously. This is going to stop.

  • Remain still, Saber ignited/deactivated (depending on the MC's instructions).
  • Do not "mouse look" around. This means no aiming at the person next to you and nodding in some silent agreement. The Ceremonies are not a voting process, that is long past.
  • No jumping, etc. If you get a bubble, just tap back and forward to remove it.
  • No commentary
  • Sit in a meditative state, and actively listen. This means that you either take notes on your comments, and save them for later, or just sit there and read the console. Do not interrupt.
  • Do not jump around, grapple the ceiling, anything of the sort.
  • If you get a bubble, press "Backwards" on your key settings, this is the "Down Arrow" for most people. That will remove the bubble with no interruptions.
  • Do not write the meetings off as a "Lecture, Boring, Waste of Time, Piece of Crap" etc. Meetings are done for the benefit of the order, and those that disagree will find themselves clueless and lost when it comes to later ranks. (Jedi Trials: Hint Hint)
  • Keep your commentary constructive, not "Dude that blows", etc. Come up with a well-reasoned argument, or just don't say anything. Remember the Respect rules. Carry yourself as an intelligent individual, and you will be responded to in kind. Carry yourself as a barbarian, and you will find yourself removed from the server for at least an hour.
  • One rule: Either watch, or go into another room. If you need to speak, use Private Chat or Xfire Group Chat. Don't play with the Dueling Dome in Jedi's home, don't start a random FFA that interferes with the Evals, none of that.
    During Trials, there is no "Dueling" option. You either watch, or leave. Done.

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Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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UPDATED: Rules/Regulations of AoF 03/04/2012

Post by Novus'Olm » Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:06 pm


Orange Saber Rule

All Hopefuls and Initiates are required to use a STANDARD ORANGE LIGHTSABER. Not "Dark Orange", not "Rust" colored, nothing. Orange. Period.

SFX, such as the Electric style saber, are permitted, so long as they are subtle.

Forums Training Programs

From time to time, there may be special projects posted on the forums that will be required for all members below the rank of Padawan to complete, as a supplement to evaluations. These are not optional. You can fail them the same way you would fail an evaluation.

Suggestions for Growth

Suggestions from clan members on the state of AoF are welcome and encouraged, but must be filled through the proper channels. A suggestion is a well-written idea/plan, not something that is spur of the moment "Dude, this blows, fix it."

Hopefuls and Initiates should use the "Contact Us" section, Padawans should use the "Suggestions/Ideas/Concerns" section under "The Angels of Fire"

.:Final Thoughts/Remarks:.

These are the basic gist of our rules, in as much of a focused point as I could do them.

This area is constantly being updated as new issues/problems arise.

Suggestions/Comments/Concerns can be posted in the appropriate forum.

I appreciate everyone's cooperation, as does The Jedi Council and Jedi Collective.

Let us work together to maintain a strong Angels of Fire Jedi Order.

Thank you, and may the force be with us,

Jedi Master Novus'Olm


Links for Reference:

Rank Rules

Server Rules


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Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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