SPAM Refresher

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SPAM Refresher

Post by Novus'Olm » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:16 pm

.:The Angels of Fire Jedi Order SPAM Policy/Procedure:.


To remind all Angels of Fire Members, Guests, Allies, and Visitors of The Angels of Fire Forum Structure, Rules, and Regulation regarding "SPAM"


The SPAM section was removed from The Angels of Fire Jedi Order forums by Grand Master IrishDragon in order to improve the quality, as well as regulate the quantity of SPAM topics showing up on the "Latest News" section of the forum's status bar.

It became clear to us, the Jedi Council, that after removing the SPAM section, clan members seemed less inclined to post on the forums, which is a general requirement for membership, and used in decisions regarding rank, membership acceptance, etc.

So, to members I post this:

You may continue to carry on and protest posting on the forums due to your beloved SPAM section being removed, but you harm only yourselves.


SPAM is defined, in AoF Terminology, as the following:
  • Uneccissary posts that do not have any educational, conversational, or otherwise constructive purpose.
  • Posts AND Replies that do not relate to the topic, or the general category in which it is made. If this is a simple mistake, IE: Posting a picture in the movies section, this will be moved and rectified.
  • Posts AND Replies that are obviously made to test the limits of the SPAM definition in AoF Terms.
  • Posts AND Replies that an administrator deems useless to The Angels of Fire Jedi Order Forums, or violate "Common Sense" Code of Conduct. IE: After reading this post, you decide to post a topic with a picture that says "Dislike". While your comments are welcome via PM system, they are not needed nor required to be allowed into public view. :)
Administrative Procedure:

Administrators who have access to the MOD CP, upon sighting of SPAM, will do the following:
  • Edit the Post/Topic and Cut the text out, copying it into a seperate window/word document.
  • Post the text into the violator's thread in the "Violations Records" section under the Jedi Knight section of the forums. If they have yet to commit a violation of Forum Rules, create a topic with their name as the title and their rank as the description.
  • Place the words "SPAM Violation" in Red Bold font, with a link to this topic, and add your initials. IE: SPAM Violation. Please view the topic located here. ~XT~ (No URL for demonstration purposes..)
  • PM The member in question reminding them of the SPAM policy. If they dispute the claim, forward their dispute onto a member of The Forums Administration Team (Myself, ID, or Elk) for further escalations.
For those who do not have access to the MOD CP, PM The Forums Administration Team with a link to the post, description of violation, and save the copy to your Sent Items folder.


Upon violation of this policy, members, guests, and allies will receive the following punishments, on a case-by-case basis with prior violations kept in mind.

1) A warning via the PM system (Every count)

2) Deletion of topic (Large violation, or entire topic is SPAM)

3) Removal of Posting Rights (Large violation, or 3rd+)

4) Removal of Category Viewing Access (Large Violation, or 3rd+)

5) Removal of entire Forum Viewing Access (Large Violation, or 4th+)

6) Final Violation: Disciplinary Action regarding to Rank, up to and/or including Termination of Membership.

The 6th result is an absolute last straw for someone who just doesn't get it. Is it a bit harsh? Yes.

But, obviously, you folks don't seem to understand that when an administrator says something, you don't look for a loophole around it. If you can't use your brains properly, I will dictate your path for you, and for some of you, you really do not want me to do that :)

Now, once you folks can get this through your thick skulls, I'll remove these stricter punishments.

Oh, and just a reminder, Activity Audits are coming up. ^_^

Peace and Love,

Jedi Master Xzorin Tsara
Forums Administration Team
Jedi Council

Jedi Academy Info:

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