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Post by Elitewatcher » Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:32 pm

Name: SBX = SilverBlazeXtremeTiger
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Contact Info:
Occupation: Store Manager and Student

Saber type: Single
Force Skill: Expert
Weapons: Expert
PC abilities: Programming/Design/Photoshop/Editing/Web Design/Networking
Game type preference: FFA, CTF, and TFFA

Your JKA history: I was SBX once here in AoF, I was with AoF for year and half till I had my downfall. Then I was HJK, then I was a CNO. In AoF I started of as a recruity, moved quickly to Knight in the Sith Division, then to the Jedi division. Went through three changes in AoF's development. Attain rank of High Council, then had my downfall. Left joined HJK which at the moment seemed ok, but then was just a waste of time. In time I join CNO, cause I was asked to train their Padawan, and attained rank of High Council, but left due to University matters and some other personal issues. At this point in my life I have dealt with all these issues and am ready to return to the JKA community as a simple Hopeful... Hopefully, but ofcourse this all depends on the councils and mainly the clans opnion and vote. May The Force be With You All.

Name: SBX = EliteWatcher
Rank: Jedi Master (in CNO) Jedi Knight (in AoF while ago) was a High Council in both clans.
Lightsaber: Firebrand
Crystal: Yellow
Lightsaber Form: Ataru/Juyo-Vapaad/Soresu
Lightsaber Style: Single
Current Occupation: Student/Store Supervisor/Web and Media Designer/Gamer
Masters Studied Under: Irish Dragon and SolarisX
Padawan(s):Entreri, Raikiri, Spitfire, Glenn, Phantasm, Maverick, and Skywalker.

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Post by Novus'Olm » Tue Nov 28, 2006 6:26 pm

In a unanimous "No" vote, your application has been denied on the spot. Due to circumstances, you may not reapply until seeking Grand Master IrishDragon's approval, pending a council vote.

-Jedi Council Inuyasha-


Jedi Academy Info:

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