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Post by Mydin » Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:15 pm

Raikiri,Jul 30 2008, 03:02 AM wrote: You need to get JA v 1.1 patch and install that after you install the game.

Next get JA+ v2.3 .

you can get this as an autoinstaller program, which will put everything where it needs to go, so you don't have to worry about something going wrong.

Other than that... start looking for skins I guess. A good place is

fairly self-explanitory
Just read this. In the past when I have completely reinstalled the game and downloaded and installed the JA v 1.1 Patch before actually playing the game, I learnt that the game won't run properly, or atall.

It might just be me, but I suggest playing the multplayer for a few minutes first.

Not sure why it happens but I just thought you should know before posting in the help topic in 20 minutes :D

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Post by Koru » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:29 pm

Hey guys. Well, I've tried and tried and tried and tried many times to work Jedi Academy, but I've failed many times. I think until I convince my parents to let me install it on the family computer, I will not be able to be active on the server. However, I can be active on the forum, which I know is not enough. So I was wondering if there was a way you can freeze my waiting period until I can play? If not, I will be re-applying hopefully within the next month.

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Post by Novus'Olm » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:29 pm

Denied due to inactivity.


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