Vehicle: Deathorb

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Vehicle: Deathorb

Post by Novus'Olm » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:05 pm

We have yet to test this because I keep forgetting to ask ID to spawn it. So anywho, here are the pictures of the deathorb.

If you have the Zion map on your PC, and want to test out the orb:

Go to a big open map such as Naboo Hills v2 or Zion itself. I took pics in taspir because I was lazy. This thing moves very fast and is not good for Taspir.

Devmap whichever map you're on. If you have JA+ activated, make sure you set an admin pass for standalone server.cfg file, and exec the file in MP mode. Then Devmap.

the command is: /spawn npc vehicle deathorb

Edit: And yes, it does have guns.

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