Clan Mod

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Clan Mod

Post by Novus'Olm » Thu Jun 01, 2006 4:46 pm

I highly recommend we load this mod to the 2nd server for a week to test it out. I've tested it on my home PC with admin levels set to those of current AoF JA+ admin levels and added 2 in to fill in the extra slots. Padawan level 2 admin, and Trainer as level 1 admin. Trainer I set with protect only, Padawan with Protect, Freeze(Sleep), and Silence, Jedi Knight (aka level 3 admin) with Freeze, Protect, Silence, Rename, Kick.. Jedi Master (level 4) with Tele, Freeze, Protect, Silence, Insult Silence(where when the person types instead of just muting everything they say, it causes them to spew out random self-insults. "I AM a newbie!" "I'm crying!" "I'm a MORON!" etc. You can customize them too.), kick, ban, change map, NPC. And level 5 admin (Council) with all possible commands including DemiGod (which is NOT empower, it lets you hover around the map and through walls/floors/etc.) and Terminator (Merc with Jetpack) Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to get lesser ranks admin, this is just the setup I went with.

That's what I set it as, and I also set all the clan info etc, just for sample. It works quite nicely. I think we should test it.

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Clan Mod

Post by Spitfire » Thu Jun 01, 2006 4:49 pm

Inu... YOU RULLE!!!!
:D :D

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Clan Mod

Post by Spitfire » Thu Jun 01, 2006 5:12 pm

Wait a sec... I noticed just now... Wucky... You're retired???? :( :( :(

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Clan Mod

Post by IrishDragon » Fri Jun 02, 2006 12:36 am

Well, after some trouble installing it, I got the clan mod to run on the server.
Unfortunately, to do so, I had to remove any custom maps involving NPC vehicles. That is too many maps to remove from the base folder of the frag/siege server. So I did it in the FFA server.

My thoughts on the MOD:

Some basic changes to color were made in the start up screens, and a few screenshots were put into place. A basic alteration made by any mod.

The server.cfg does not allow for the default MP damages to be utilized. Do not get me wrong, you CAN alter the damage scales, but when played in a base like setting, you are still subjected to the faults of a basejka server.
By that I mean you will experience ghost hits/swings, as well as mis-matched damages. Going through the damage scales would take an obscene amount of time to perfect or bring close to that of our normal FFA server standards.

The 4 different dueling types are interesting in their own specific ways.
The full force and normal duels are standard.
The melee duel is fun for a bit.
The training duel disallows a player to be damaged, which is a good feature to use if you are training someone brand new to the game. For training purposes on the level of our members, I can not see it bring any of them improvement.

The floating through walls and such is fun for a little bit as well.
The grapple animation is new, as is the grapple, but it's not as easy to scale a building with it, at least not as precisely.

The 5 levels of admin would be useful if the admin commands were not as abusive as they are.

So features I did enjoy:
The clan labeling that shows up on the score board.
The floating thing.

Other than that, I was not impressed with this mod.

I give it a 5 out of 5 for creativity. However, I give it a 1 out of 5 for effectiveness.

This MOD, while mildy entertaining, has shown no real benefit to the clan.

Perhaps later on down the road, if the mod is updated, it may stand a chance at becoming our primary MOD. Until then, JA+ is our prized pig.

Good find gentlemen!

Keep up the good searching!

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Clan Mod

Post by Wucky » Fri Jun 02, 2006 9:51 am

I don't actually see why JA+ would be better than this
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Clan Mod

Post by IrishDragon » Fri Jun 02, 2006 9:09 pm

More realistic damage settings with our JA+ setup and options. clan mod offers no solution for this.
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Clan Mod

Post by Ocelots » Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:41 am

OMG WHAT A COOL MOD :D the grapple is awesome. the training,melee and force duel are cool too. In fact, that a must that everybody should had :D

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Clan Mod

Post by ZeroTM » Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:05 pm

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Clan Mod

Post by Mydin » Wed Sep 06, 2006 11:44 am

I find it very bad at the moment compared to JA+.

Especially since i cant use any admin commands in solo game, nor can i spawn any NPC's...this is when i did Devmap mp.ffa5 in consul to enable cheats too.

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Clan Mod

Post by Hazel-rah » Wed Sep 06, 2006 12:15 pm

WOOT there are a lot of fixes on v 1.04 BETA

admin bitrates fixed
/RenameClan now has a custom saying
/Scale now has a custom saying
/AdminTele now has a custom saying
roar_ prefix changed to cm_
added +button12 to commands list
“Admin password incorrect” no longer announces
ClanPassword incorrect saying added
freeze_gun changed to gun_freeze
silence_gun changed to gun_silence
insult_gun changed to gun_insult
kick_gun changed to gun_kick
empower_gun changed to gun_empower
terminator_gun changed to gun_terminator
splat_gun changed to gun_splat
c_Clanpassword fixed
/splat fixed
added ledgegrab

added cm_enable_ledgegrab cvar
demigod'd people cant be push or pulled
forcekickflip made with more reliable times
players auto-scaled to 100 at duel begin
Fixed Yellow DFA JK2 style
Changed cm_jk2_style_yellow_dfa cvar to cm_JK2yellowDFA
fixed emote holstering sabers
fixed /slay without (client)
added emote bitrates
fixed wall runs
added /human
all languages added (WOOT PORTUGUESE!)
fixed duels with weapons

fixed a crash exploit (in most mods)
fixed a few small bugs & glitches
fixed /endduel
fixed MOTD
fixed /scale
fixed terminator & human duel over glitches
fixed chat protect + empower
fixed bryar pistol give back on duel over
fixed jetpack on change to empower glitch
fixed seeker drone takeaway after unterminator
added /freezemotd and !freezemotd
added jump to get out of emotes
added compatability with Visual Studio 2005
added terminators can now remove jetpacks
added gun_monk
added gun_slay
added cm_rolltypes
added cm_BotFakePings
added terminators now have force jump if g_forcePowerDisable allows
added monks (humans) now force jump if g_forcePowerDisable allows
added monks (humans) heal over time. 1 second = +1 hp
added +all and -all suffix commands to /terminator /empower /monk /silence /freeze /protect
added server cvars for the new -all and +all suffixes
added /help (COMMAND) option
changed /human to /monk
changed servers can now speak like normal people
changed autoprotect cannot be done on duelists
changed chat protection cannot be done in duels
changed monks and empowered cannot pick up weapons
changed made more bitrate calculators
changed made installer install to startmenu instead of desktop
changed makefile for linux to compile in Debug instead of Final
optimized duels, terminator, empower, monk

fixed backslash
fixed /scale, can now /scale (scale) or /scale (client) (scale)
fixed yellow DFA, more accurate now
fixed duel sounds
fixed melee duel
fixed grapple string now shows all the time
fixed buffer-overflow glitch
fixed /protect glitch
changed /admintele to /teleport or /tele
changed /grantadmin, can now /grantadmin (client) (level)
changed g_slowmoduelend, FFA is no longer included
changed powerduel icons now shrink if too many people are on
changed custom model used on grapple
changed scoreboard shows more then 20 people
changed cursor doesn't show on map load

This should already be considered
(Sorry for the big post)

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