'hackers' if you wish to call them that haha

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'hackers' if you wish to call them that haha

Post by IrishDragon » Tue Oct 25, 2005 1:23 am

Tonight an attempted 'hack' on our servers took place. Unfortunately for the attacker, I was able to trace their IP address back to the source ISP company. After speaking with our server company's representatives and following their advice in how to go about resolving this issue, the following steps have been taken.

Upon tracing the IP address to the source ISP. We contacted them making a formal complaint backed up by data from our server logs and our server companies logs.

We've requested that a letter, explaining the full complaint against the user, be sent to the owner of the account.

We are also pushing for any jail time that would be applicable to this incident, as well as any necessary fines.

And to end the situation from becoming the ISP's problem, we've requested that the ISP drops this particular client.

The requests we have made are rather easy to follow up on. Each ISP tracks the IP addresses that each account uses, when it uses it, and can easily be confirmed when matched up against the accused's IP address in conjunction with our server logs and the server company's server logs.

Since this is a form of harassment, the ISP will be looking into this issue. Another interesting fact is that the punishment for external state harassment is much higher than if it was to be done in the same state.

Not to mention that attempting any malicious attack against a public server or a 'privately rented server' is illegal, *federal offense or state offense is all dependant upon the violation of certain laws*, the Local state or even Federal authorities are required by law to follow up with this investigation, as it can be considered an act of cyber-terrorism.

Anywho. The Angels of Fire have a strict policy about not hacking, cracking, exploiting, crashing, or the use of any micellaneous attacks against our public 'privately rented' servers, our public forums, and our private website. Any violation of this, on any level will result in us pressing for the maxium punishment that can be dealt out by the law *Federal and/or state* and any such removal of service by your Internet Service Provider *ISP*

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