Jedi Council Announcements: 07/12/2013

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Jedi Council Announcements: 07/12/2013

Post by Novus'Olm » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:56 pm

Recently, The Angels of Fire Jedi Order has been experiencing a longer-than-normal "start of summer" activity drop. A couple of our members have become discouraged by this, and we have decided to take action.

Topic 1: Administration

Due to our own busy work/life schedules, we have been unable to maintain the high levels of activity that some of you came to expect over the winter/spring months. This, combined with the recent loss of 4 active Jedi Knights and 1 Jedi Master to retirement have resulted in a crippling of our administrative capabilities during peak playtimes for the clan.

As such, the following administrative change is effective immediately:
  • Padawan Hawk and Adept McFish are to be trained in the usage of JA+ Instructor Admin. This will enable them to use Sleep, Silence, Protect, and Kick.
In addition to contacting available admins via Xfire, clan members should also remember that if an admin is not available or they will be delayed, to take detailed screenshots of the incident and file a report. Reports can be PMed to a Jedi Council Member.

Topic 2: Activities

In order to increase activity levels, The Jedi Council will now be hosting one event per week on a random day of the week. These events can range in anything from LMS to TFFA, or a simple dueling tournament.

However, all clan members are able to run spur-of-the-moment activities amongst themselves. You do not need a Jedi Collective Member to sanction an activity. If you want to do a dueling tournament for the sake of doing one, go ahead! Challonge is a great website that you can make tournament brackets from. That's what we use for the Inferno League!

Topic 3: Community and Outreach

In order to have AoF advance to its next stage of growth, we need to start reaching out to the community more. This includes enhancing our recruitment efforts through external channels, the look/feel of AoF, and methods through which we interact with other aspects of the JA community.

Effective immediately, I would like to announce your new Community Managers, Initiate Grescal and Hopeful Doctor Yoshi! They will each have the following responsibilities:
  • Doctor Yoshi is AoF's new Theme and Layout Manager, and will be responsible for the aesthetics of AoF. His first task has been completed, and you are seeing the fruits of his labor now: the new "Light Side Revamp" forums theme! He will be reaching out to the clan for more projects and exciting announcements in the near future.
  • Grescal is AoF's new Recruitment Specialist. He will be responsible for recruiting through external channels, such as Steam Groups, general JA forums (JK Hub, etc), and our forums. Grescal will be the first point of contact for new recruits, and will explain the ins and outs of the recruitment process. He will also be giving feedback to The Jedi Council during the enlistment voting process.
Together, Yoshi and Grescal have some very exciting ideas for AoF and will be utilizing many of you in their endeavors. Please give them your support and respect.

As always, if you have a Suggestion, Idea, or Concern, please TELL US!

-Jedi Master Novus'Olm-

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