AoF (ALL): Forums Update

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AoF (ALL): Forums Update

Post by Novus'Olm » Thu May 15, 2014 11:40 pm

Hello, fellow Angels.

Regardless of your branch, the forums have had a few changes made to them. These changes pertain to your Profile, which you can edit at any time.
  • AoF TOR Rank: Select your Guild Rank for AoF: TOR from the drop down menu. This no longer needs to be edited by an admin, but please make sure you're using the correct rank. This is available to all Forum Members, regardless of AoF branch. This will show up when you post, on the left hand side under your name.
  • AoF TOR Character Name: Type in your MAIN Character Name that you use in the guild. This can be done during registration for new members, and AoF JKA members can now add this to their Profiles. This will show up when you post, on the left hand side under your name.
  • AoF JKA Prestige Class: Jedi Knights who have successfully passed their Prestige Trials (JKA) can select their Prestige Class to display, from a drop-down menu. This will appear on the left hand side under your name, when you post.
Also, remember that we do have a Blogging Function! You can update your personal blog by visiting your profile.

Finally, the Latest News part of the portal has been REMOVED until further notice. This is due to the fact that the TOR division requires our Officers to post a Dossier (bulletin) for every recruit they invite to the guild. This evening alone, I'm posting over 19 topics because we've been behind. This means that Hawk, Kodin, Leon, and myself will not see any "Latest News" appear on the side. This will also be a more frequent occurence of topics getting shoved down the list due to the two branches sharing the same main forum site.

We are looking into ways to solve this issue. But for now, always remember to subscribe to forums that you want to be updated on, and always check the most important sections for your branch. (TOR: The InfernoNet, JKA: The Holonet)

As always, the Forums Administration Team is glad to listen to your feedback for future enhancements.


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