Halloween 2010

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Halloween 2010

Post by Novus'Olm » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:47 pm

This year for Halloween, we will be using a new system.

Previously, I had the Council and Clan vote on either the Costumes system, or last year's Sith system.

However, due to some unexpected snags in how we had originally planned the Costumes system, some of the classes will simply not work.

Therefore, I've altered a few of the classes.

As with last year, you will be allowed to choose a temporary "event name" for yourself.

Everyone who wishes to partake in this year's event MUST post a Halloween Biography, so that everyone can be identified.

The classes you may choose from are as follows:
  • Saber Master: This class will be allowed to use any saber type that they wish, and Light Side Force only.
  • Dark Jedi: This class will be allowed to use Dark Side force powers, but Single Saber only.
  • Force Master: A somewhat unorthadox class, this class will be granted Empower, allowing the usage of ALL force powers, but only be allowed to use Melee as their weapon. (Allowing for the usage of things like the Jedi Tornado, etc)
  • Mercenary: This class will be granted the usage of /ammerc on themselves only.
  • CUSTOM: Custom Classes will be approved on a Case-by-Case basis, and must have a valid "Role-playing" aspect to them. Custom Classes must be FULLY DETAILED within your Biography, and have any and all special requirements/powers listed.
The biography section can be found within Creativity -> Halloween Bios.

Alternatively, follow this link.

I will have a template up shortly. All "Custom" submissions are due by no later than Monday, October 18th.

Please also note, that you are expected to act as a pinnacle of your chosen class, similar to how you are expected to act as a standard Jedi of this order. The swear filter will remain in effect, and our rules regarding harassment/etc will still apply.

Don't ruin it for yourselves.

This event will begin as soon as a majority of our members figure out their Bios. No later than Friday, October 15th.

Council Advisor Novus'Olm

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