How to Apply

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How to Apply

Post by IrishDragon » Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:05 am

In an effort to get to know our members and those who we recruit...we've got a series of topics for you to respond to. The more detailed it is, the quicker we can get to know you

Don't forget to play in the server and post in the forums!

A few basic updates:

Name: In game
Age: In years
Gender: Male or Female (not yes please)
Contact Info: AIM/AOL/MSN
Occupation: Work/School

Saber type: (single, dual, staff)
Force Skill: Novice/Intermediate/Expert
Weapons: Novice, Intermediate, Expert
PC abilities: Mapping/skinning/MODing/programming/3D animation or design/Photoshop or Paint
Game type preference: Siege, CTF, TFFA, FFA, Power Duel

Your JKA history: Clans you've been in, days/weeks/months you've played for

How you found us and why your interested:

Any other information you'd like to share.

To post an Application. Click Here and Post a New Topic!

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