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Details about Rank

Post by IrishDragon » Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:26 am

~Angels of Fire Ranking System

-.:Starting out with the Angels of Fire:.-

Rank I. Hopeful {H}

This person is a raw, Force-sensitive individual. He or she has very little or no skill with a lightsaber, and is likely to be very, very reckless. Force usage plays no role with this rank.

This is the lowest rank in the Angels of Fire Jedi Order. Members of this rank are mainly new to the game.They are usually the least skilled in saber combat and Force usage. They are to absorb whatever lessons they can from those who are willing to give them. This person will do his or her best to show that he or she is a stable, calm, easy-going individual.

This is, in essential, an extended trial period. Anyone of this rank who does not fit the mold the Angels of Fire have set forth may be released from the Order entirely at the discretion of the Jedi Council.

Once the Angels of Fire are aware of a Hopeful's presence, the Hopeful will face a period of time where Jedi Council Members will watch him or her. The Council Member will judge the Hopeful's actions and skills, and decide if he or she is of the right quality to further advance in our Order.

If there is never an opportune moment for a Council Member to evaluate said Hopeful, then three Knights of the Angels of Fire Jedi Order may agree to sponsor the person.

After the evaluation period, an {I} badge will be assigned to the person, and they become an Initiate.

Rank II. Initiate {I}

The rank of those members who have stood out from the sea of Hopefuls. People of this rank have only rudimentary skill with a lightsaber. He or she is able to use the Force to a limited degree, but is largely ignorant of its power. Initiates are still encouraged to absorb what Jedi knowledge they can, but it's not as important as it is to a Hopeful, as it is here that the focus is on developing proper attitude and a sense of commitment.

This is a second intermediate stage in which the Initiate endeavors to prove him or herself so that he or she may be taken as a Padawan learner.

In order to become a Padawan, the Initiate will need to be sponsored by someone of Jedi Knight level or higher. That sponsor will evaluate the Initiate's actions, and will then make an endorsement by making a thread on the forums endorsing said Initiate. Once a Initiate has been endorsed, the Jedi Council will vote on that person. If a majority of the council votes yes, then the Initiate becomes a Padawan.

At no time will an Initiate know that he or she is being sponsored. They won't ever be told that they are being endorsed. They have to keep to the Jedi Code during the entire time and show that they are mentally ready to become a Jedi.

Graduation to Padawan level is announced after the Council has finished voting, and a {P} badge is awarded.

-.:The Angels of Fire New Jedi Order:.-

-.:The Training Begins:.-

Rank III. Padawan {P}

This person is at last a full-fledged member of the Order, having passed beyond the Initiate stage, but has only begun his or her training. He or she will learn the fine points of lightsaber combat and use of the Force. It is at this level that the Dark Side of the Force must be absolutely purged.

Fear, anger, and aggression must be completely done away with before the next level can be reached.

Members who attain this rank are ready for personal one on one training with a Knight or Master. They are still welcomed to absorb what they can from others when not with their masters, but just as the Initiate, it's not as important.

When a member attains this rank, the first thing that is done is that a private bulletin of the Padawan's strengths and weaknesses is created and maintained on the forums. This bulletin is accessable only by those Jedi who have attained a level equal to or greater than Jedi Knight.

Eventually, one of these Jedi will inevitably find something about a Padawan that compels that Jedi to take that person and teach them the ways of the Force. This Jedi will notify the Council of his or her decision, and then promptly notify the Padawan.

The Council will keep a watch over the Padawan's progress through a set of three evaluation tests, which will be administered at the Council's discretion. Failing one of the tests means nothing for the Padawan except an extension of the time that must be spent under his or her master's tutelage. When three evaluations have been successfully completed, the Padawan's master will judge readiness for trials.

The Padawan's teacher will request Jedi Trials for him or her via the forums .

Once the Padawan is ready mentally and skillfully trained with his blade, along with Force capabilities, he or she will then proceed to taking his or her Jedi Trials.

-:Trials of the Jedi:-

Assembled Council Members, no fewer than three, will evaluate a Padawan's receptivity to the Force in a series of tests, ranging from use of the Force, to lightsaber performance. This part of the Trials will be one of the hardest. All of the Padawan's knowledge of lightsaber dueling will be put to the test, as well as prowess with the Force.

Padawans will face the Dark Side. They must have been trained by their master to overcome it, or they will fall here.

The next stage of Trials can also be viewed as hard, because it is much more abstract, and does not involve any actual fighting. The Padawan will be asked to focus his or her knowledge and skill on a real-life event. This event changes with every Trial, so trying to describe it here would be impossible.

These tests will tie in to the teachings of the Jedi Code. Knowledge of the Jedi Code will do the Padawan well.

After that test, the Council Members will look into the Padawan's progression, find any inadequacies, and see if the person has improved upon them.

The Padawan will then be dismissed from the Council Chambers while the person's master converses with the Council Members about the performance.

The results will be submitted to the rest of the Jedi Council if the entire Council was not able to attend the Trials. As soon as a decision has been reached, Master and Padawan will be notified.

If the Trials were passed, the Master will knight the student in a private ceremony on the server.

With training complete, the person may wear the blue {JK} tags with pride as he or she is formally proclaimed a Jedi Knight.


Rank IV. Jedi Knight {JK}

This individual is looked up to by all who seek to promote justice and peace. The Knight has taken the Jedi Trials, staring mortality and the Dark Side in the face, and has lived to tell about it. He or she is no longer tied to a Master and is a true Jedi in his or her own right.

This person is highly proficient in the use of a lightsaber and wields the Force with fluidity and grace. The Jedi Knight is calm and at peace with the Force, and is above fear, aggression and recklessness.

A new responsibility is given to the Knight, as he or she moves up from his apprenticeship. He or she must now be more mature and ready to handle any situation at any given time. This person is given limited administrative access to the server.

Jedi Knights are given the honor and responsibility of representing the Angels of Fire Jedi Order in official Clan Matches, in all variety of game modes.

A Knight may take one Padawan learner if he or she wishes to.

Jedi Knights are expected to continue their learning in the ways of the saber and the force. Actively participating in the server is a must now that these members now have the ability to administrate the server. Learning to use admin is a must. After the training period, admins are expected to be proficient in their use of admin.


-Paths of the Jedi-

Upon attaining the level of Jedi Knight, members begin to contemplate in which ways they can best serve the Order. This is done by selecting a Prestige Class.

While still holding the level of Jedi Knight, these Jedi will specialize in specific teachings.

Upon reaching one of these 3 ranks, a Prestige Class Jedi Knight will be expected to help members improve in Force use, Saber use, or Both. The inability to share knowledge with others may prevent future promotions and/or may result in the demotion to {JK}

They are as follows:

-i- Jedi Guardian- {JG}
"The Way of the Saber"

This Jedi Knight seeks to learn all of the intricacies of lightsaber combat. From the classic single saber, to the arcane dual wield, to the nearly impossible to use saberstaff. This knight class must be achieved through tests, to prove that he or she is stronger with a single blade than a Sentinel before being allowed to explore the other more arcane saber styles.

A Jedi Guardian focuses solely on the many forms of lightsaber combat.

In order to attain this class, a Jedi Knight must pass advanced saber style tests set forth by the Jedi Council.

A Guardian Knight may take one Padawan learner.

-ii- Jedi Sentinel- {JS}

"The Way of Balance"

This Jedi Knight is equally powerful with his blade and force abilities. This is the first Prestige Class a person can attain once becoming a Jedi Knight.

It is a middle ground where once can practice the art of wielding a lightsaber, but at the same time attempt to understand the mystery of the Living Force

In order to attain this class, a Jedi Knight must pass both Force and saber tests set forth by the Jedi Council.

A Sentinel Knight may take one Padawan learner.

-iii- Jedi Consular- {JC}
"The Way of the Force"

This Jedi Knight focuses their attention solely on mastering the intricacies of the Light Side of the Force. This Prestige Class must be acheived through tests of a different sort. The Knight must prove him or her self to be above the Sentinel's knowledge of the Light Side.

A Consular relies more on feelings and understanding, and focuses intensely on developng Force skills, and is rarely seen brandishing a lightsaber.

In order to attain this class, a Jedi Knight must pass advanced Force usage tests set forth by the Jedi Council.

A Consular Knight may take one Padawan learner.


-.:Mastery of the Force:.-

Rank V. Jedi Master- {JM}

One who is truly, completely at peace with the Force an has unparalleled skill and grace with a lightsaber. At this level, the Jedi has mastered all forms of saber combat, even the most arcane and long forgotten. A bastion of Light and Hope, this person is one of the most wise and powerful entities in the universe, and is to be respected and listened to, for one can learn many, many, many things from a Master Jedi.

This Jedi is always passive and never seeks to fight unless it is the last option, and is looked to to solve any problems or disagreements that may arise between members of the Order.

At this level, the Jedi Master will be given proper administrative powers, pertaining to both the server and the moderation of the forums.

Master is the hardest rank of all to attain. Each Jedi Master has the same responsibility, the welfare of the clan and it's members, as well as the training of new generations of promising Jedi students.

Each Master may have one Padawan learner to train as his or her own.

A Jedi Master, much like a council member will be appointed, or removed, to this rank by IrishDragon.

A Jedi Master is not appointed to remain silent, inactive, etc. To retain the title and rank of Jedi Master, the member must partake in the training of padawans, administrating on the server, and actively engaging in posting on the forums.

.:The Jedi Council:.

The Jedi Council is formed from the most wise and courageous Jedi that the Angels of Fire have to offer. These Jedi seek to bring balance to the Force.

As the governing body of the Angels of Fire Jedi Order, it has the power/responsibility to:

I. Exercise justice and ensure discipline amongst the ranks by enforcing the server rules.

II. Create agendas/schedule events for the Angels of Fire.

III. All members of the clan have the power to direct potential recruits to the forums, but it is the responsibility of the Council to assure that the recruit correctly applies to join. After the designated waiting period, a Jedi Council member should create a poll for that recruit for the rest of the Council to vote on.

Only Council members may hand out clan tags to individuals newly accepted into the clan. A Council must be convened on this new member, to decide whether or not the person will be given an {H} tag.

IV. Promote members of the Angels of Fire based on observation and
through various trials, which it will judge.

V. Demote members of the Angels of Fire after sufficient evidence of misconduct is presented and the Council weighs it.

VI. Remove members of the Angels of Fire from the order and the server after sufficient evidence of misconduct is presented, is weighed then by the Council, and approved by the Grand Master.

VII. Forge alliances with other orders of similar countenance to the Angels of Fire.

VIII. Moderate the forums, in order to keep them free of spam and obscene materials.

IX. Members of the Jedi Council must remain available when on their home PC and while connected to the internet. In other words, if a member is in or out of the server, he or she should leave one of his or her instant messaging programs on (AIM,Yahoo, MSN, X-Fire, etc).

If this is not possible, a Council Member should supply his or her email address.

The Jedi Council shall have between four and six members. Before an important decision can be made, all members must vote on it.

A two-thirds majority is needed for all decisions to pass. In the event of a tie, the Clan Leader shall have the final say. The Clan leader at any time may exercise his right to approve or deny decisions.

When Jedi Trials are involved, a five-sixths majority of the Council must vote yes for promotion before the Padawan taking the Trials may ascend to Jedi Knight level. In the event of a tie, the Grand Master shall have the final say.

Jedi Council Members shall wear the tag {C} to distingush themselves. They shall have complete administrative power over the server, and respectable moderation power on the forums. A Council member's rank is reflected in the color of the tag. If the member was a Knight when appointed to the Council, the tag will be blue, if one of the Knight prestige classes, it shall be that class's corresponding color, and finally, if a Jedi Master, the tag shall be colored white.

No one below the rank of Jedi Knight may be appointed to the Jedi Council. IrishDragon will appoint members to the Jedi Council as he see's fit, this will also include removing a council member(s).

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