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Post by Wolverine » Mon May 29, 2006 8:30 pm

Unfortinatly I will be going AFK probably for the next two or maybe one week. THe reason is because I have finals coming up and I need to study like crazy. But over the weekend I will go on and play for some time but other wise I can't play.
See you guys later.

Name: Wolverine (wolv)
Saber color: Yellow
Former Master: [AoF]Inuysha{C}/{JM}
Saber Style: Using Ataru mixed with Dejm So
Age: 21
Skin: click

SRO Character: Wolverine2
Level: 48
Build: Hybrid---- Masteries: Bicheon/Fire
2nd Character: Reap3r89
Level: 41
Build: Pure Int---- Mastery Caster-Wizard

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