I should clear somethings too...

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I should clear somethings too...

Post by Vulcan » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:08 pm

Hey guys...I've been really busy with school stuff lately and haven't found the time at all to be playing. I know its repetive but its true PSATs and SSATs are scary things :o :ph43r: but yea I've been studying for those and I'm doing Geography 12 and History 12 and I just completed the US History 12 AP exam and got 89% which is an A by 3 percent at the school I'm at despite me being in sophmore (10th grade). Btw this is random but apparently North Korea never did blow nukes up after all and they were just trying to screw with the worlds minds and make them aware that they have nuclear power despite their dirt poor shit ass country. (No offence but to say that is really dumb, (North Korea saying they blew up a nuke)) Anywho I'll try to be even more active on forums and maybe pop on the server. ^_^

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