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Post by IrishDragon » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:13 am

it. I offered up my opinion. Take it, or leave it, I don't care. Last
time I checked, freedom of speech is still in the Constitution.
So I'll speak whenever I darn well please.
You and I are no longer friends, nor will we be ever again. You go play
SRO with your Fire_Angels, and I'll play my JKA with AoF and we never
have to communicate with each other ever again.
As you've said so many times before, "Have a nice life."
P.S. Don't reply to this. Any and all PMs by you are now going in the
junk folder.
Last time I checked this forum did not fall under a system of free speech. This forum is not subject to all of America's Constitutional rights. There are things we tolerate on this forum and things we do not. Save your shit for the trash talking section or zip the lip. I'm sure you can find more useful things to do with your fingers.

So you are now being formally told. If you have nothing positive to say on my forums or my server, do not say anything at all.

Are we clear?

As for being friends, no shit Sherlock and keep digging Watson. We've not been friends for many months now, that's far from a secret.

I will continue to play SRO with my Fire_Angels, and you may continue to play JKA in MY AoF.

I have no need to send you PM's. You can read about it on the forums with everyone else.

You've decieved me once again. I thought you had changed, obviously you are the same person I stopped being friends with in the first place. Therefore, your status will be placed back to Jedi Sentinal, your last truely earned rank.

Have a nice life, and I wish you and your life-partner the best of luck, may you both continue to be happy, and do well in school and career.

May the Force be with you.

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