ESS Interclan Tournament

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ESS Interclan Tournament

Post by ess_kagero » Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:27 pm

We would like to invite AoF to an open duel tffa tournament.

This tournament is going to be unlike any other tournament, and here is how:


- The tournament will be no force saber combat on ja+ multiplayer damages with jk2 roll and force powers off (Our current server settings).
- The tournament will be held all in one day on the weekend. Most likely a friday or sunday.
- The tournament will be based off of duel tffa matches where only 2 clans + tournament officials will be allowed on the server.
- With the above game type, that means that there is not one individual winner, you win as a clan.
- In the interest of time, if another clan can donate their server to match, that would be appreciated.
- Several ESS members will be Tournament assistants (TA's) to oversee matches at other servres.
- Brackets and times for each match will be posted at least a day before the tournment.


- Each match is duel tffa.
- Each match will be given a 30 minute time limit with a 4 minute maximum duel time (I'm flexible on the times right now, but keep in mind, duel tffa's take some time).
- Each clan will be allowed to submit as many teams of 4 players as they want provided that no person is on more than one team.
- Each team will be allowed 1 substitute that is not a member of another team.
- If a team has less than 4 people available at the time of their match, then their team forfeits (The only people who can participate in your match are the ones that sign up. You cannont pick another random unregistered clan member).
- Once a team loses a match, they are out of the tournament.
- Before the tournament starts, you should have submitted on our forums a duel rotation list that you will be requred to maintain through the tournament.
- When it is your clans turn to fight, each person will be given 2 lives. If a person loses twice, they will have to sit on the sidelines (actually sit, not joining spectator ->prevent cheating)
- You must maitain your rotation order. The first match will be between both number 1's for each clan. After the fight, the winner and loser both move to the back of the line.
- Obviously, each person will get to fight their opposing number a minimum of 2 times to a max of 3 times. So if you lose to your opponent once in the beginning, you will be given another chance.
- To win, your clan must either eliminate all players from one clan or have the most kills at the end of 30 minutes (Again time is flexible and depends on how many teams/clans sign up).


- A substitute is more than a person who just fills in for one of your starters when they can't make the tournament.
- The substite will also sit with your team during your match.
- The substitute can be brought in our out of your set rotation at any point during the match.
- The incoming substitute will inherit the number of lives the person he is replacing had.
- The substitute will replace a person's spot in the rotation when he/she is brought in.


-Your team captain will be contacted when it is your teams turn to compete.
-If your match is on the ESS server, you MUST download the_enclave.rar file to have the right map. URL =;7829372;;/
-If your match is on another server, the map will be MP/FFA3 (Tatooine). The map can only be changed when both team captain agree to the change.
-Remember that you have a total of 30 minutes to complete the match. Time will be moderated by the tournament official.
-If you want to watch the time yourself, then type cg_drawtimer 1. This will display a timer on the upper right corner of your screen that will have the current server time.
-After your match is over, both team captains must post the final result in the tournament matches thread that I have provided.


- To be eligible, you MUST be a member of a clan.
- One person MUST sign up their team and receive an approval notice from a tournament official before their team is allowed to participate.
- You almost must provide us with one person's contact information since the day of the tournament we will be expected a full server.
- Also, a list of all 4 players must be incldued with your set duel rotation.


-Tournament assistants can be both players in the tournament and tournament helpers.
-During a match, there should be a maximum total of 13 people on (5 players for each team and 3 tournament assistants.). Unless both team captains agree to having spectators.
-The above rules count when matches are held on other servers.
-Whenever a problem arises, tournament officials must quickly vote on the matter and solve it.
-All tournament officials decisions are final.


pm me on the ESS forums at
or post a question in the questions thread.

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