Retired Jedi

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Retired Jedi

Post by IrishDragon » Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:08 am

Just to make things air tight and crystal clear on the subject of the Retired Jedi status.

Retirement allows a Jedi to be relieved of his clan tags, responsibilities, rights and sights on the AoF clan server/forums.

A retired Jedi may bear any name, may use any blade, may use any force, and may conduct themselves as they see fit (please keep in mind this does not exclude you from universal rules on our server, or improper impersonation of this clan and the members within).

A retired jedi may NOT be shown current clan sections of the forums, may not be granted rights to current AoF passwords, may not be granted the right to wear tags belonging to AoF or non-AoF (in the realm of JKA and all clans, guilds, communities within the realm of JKA), a Jedi may not join another clan/guild/community pertaining to JKA, a Jedi may not create another clan/guild/community pertaining to JKA. Providing all codes of conduct listed within are complied with, a Jedi may reserve the right to return to AoF at any time to his or her rank at the time of retiring (Council members may be subject to returning to their last held rank prior to becoming a council member).

Any violation of these conducts will result in a temp to perm ban depending on the case and the overall decision of the current council with the final say coming from IrishDragon who will make his decision on the basis of - What is best for the continuation of the clan and what is in the best interest of the clan. - These decisions are final.

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