JKL, The White P badge, and more

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JKL, The White P badge, and more

Post by Novus'Olm » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:49 pm

Alright. Here's what went down tonight kids:

JKL/AoF merger

JKL has been accepted into the folds of AoF. If you are a JKL member that was NOT at tonight's ceremony, you need to do the following effective tomorrow morning:
  • Locate the Clanpass in New Member Info. It is at the bottom of the Clan Pass topic. Bind this to a key (/bind <key> clanpass <password>). To speak in clan chat, /say_team_mod clan will make the T key clan chat.
  • If you are a Padawan or below in the JKL system, you will be known as [AoF]<name>{H}, or Hopeful for the time being.
  • JKL knights and above, you will be known as [AoF]<name>{P} for the time being.
  • As such, you are now full members of The Angels of Fire. All of our rules and policies now apply to you, such as Single Saber and Light Side force at ALL times, on and off the server.
Welcome to the family, JKL members. :)

The White Padawan Badge.

Genesis from JKL and Kagome from AoF have recieved White Padawan Badges. This means the following:
  • All Hopefuls, Initiates, and Padawans with problems in or outside of the clan report problems in the following ways:
    1. Contact a Jedi Knight or
    2. Contact Kagome and/or Genesis, before contacting the Jedi Council.
  • Twice a month, a meeting will be held between the Liasions and the H/I/Ps without any JKs or above being present. This will be your time to present your ideas, concerns, etc, without worrying about any outcry and automatic denial
  • This was not designed to allienate the lower ranks, but rather to give them a voice on the Jedi Council. This was also created to smooth over the transition process from JKL to AoF
  • Kagome's word is as good as mine or any other council member's. Genesis' position is still being discussed at this time. What this means is Kagome has the ability to fill out an incident report on the forums, of which a JK or higher can hand out administrative punishment if neccissary. Heed her words as you would a JK/above, but remember that JKs are given priority. Think of her as the "Manager on Duty"
  • Both liasions have or will be trained to be neutral negotiators. Thus, all personal differences must and will be laid aside or there will be punishment on both Liasion and Client.
Other stuff
  • JC has been accepted back into the ranks of AoF with his Padawan badge after the unfortunate circumstances causing his removal. Any questions reguarding this may be directed to myself or ID.
Any questions reguarding the merger should be directed to myself, Irish, Elk, Anca, Phant, or Genesis. Any questions reguarding the Liasion position should be directed toward a Jedi Council member.

Thank you,

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