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Back to the predative

Post by Phantasm » Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:11 pm

Pretty much went back to the pred skin :) The new skin pack has a black skinned pred which i been looking for .So What can i say I started as a pred and ill die as a pred what can i say :lol: .Ive updated my sig the link should be there .

Name: Phantasm
Rank:Jedi Knight
Saber: Single
Saber Type:Katarm
Saber Style: Random
Saber Color: Green Force Flame
Occupation: Professional Gimp
Apprentice: Zieg {P} Cyrax {P}
Master:Inuyasha {C}
Skin: ... Pack;79788

<a href="">
<img src=" ... asmo78.jpg" border=0>

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