Respect Policy updated

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Respect Policy updated

Post by Novus'Olm » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:22 pm

Update: Link changed. Please read and sign new topic.

The Respect Policy, issued on December 29th, 2007, has been updated with a new clause:

"Angels of Fire members that are seen in an act of mass-disrespect, such as a full scale argument on the server, disobeying council orders, interrupting meetings, etc, will find the entire clan punished through the removal of events scheduled, games being played (Merc War, Find the Jawa, etc), and custom map change removal. (Ammap being removed from Instructor/Knight)"

This does not apply exclusively to the discretion of Rcon holders. While they may not be able to enforce the punishment, Jedi Council members can cancel an event planned by an Rcon holder, or have an Rcon holder revert back to default configs should things get out of control.

As such, due to disrespect issues, and a mutual decision, Padawan Vultax has been removed from Jedi Knight Raikiri's apprenticeship.

Vultax has also been demoted in accordance with a Council vote made mid-July.

Raikiri will not be allowed to take on any more apprentices until Lawliett's training is complete, and has been placed on Administrative Observation until further notice.

Angels of Fire members, please read and review the Respect Policy found at the link above, and sign it.

Those with questions may PM myself or a member of The Jedi Council.

~Jedi Master XzorinTsara~

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