Vultax Suspended

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Vultax Suspended

Post by Novus'Olm » Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:44 pm

Vultax, former AoF member, whom was recently exiled from the server, has now earned himself a Forums Suspension for creating the topic you guys are all TWATS.

There was absolutely no call for the post, regardless of the circumstances.

The SPAM section has a general code of conduct just like the rest of the forums, it is not a full free-for-all, and people need to start realizing this.

The post, along with Vultax's recent history with behavioral issues, has fully warranted a suspension from the Angels of Fire Jedi Order forums.

His suspension may be removed upon one or both of the following conditions being met:
  • Grand Master IrishDragon Vetoes my decision
  • Vultax issues a written appology via email/PM to myself, which will then be posted to the clan for vote.
The SPAM section will be undergoing some changes in the next few weeks, and will be disabled as those changes are made.

I'd like to refer everyone to the Freedom of Speech and AoF thread for any questions/issues that may arise :)

Enjoy your day :)

~Jedi Master Xzorin Tsara~

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