Elk promoted to JM

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Elk promoted to JM

Post by IrishDragon » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:48 pm

Elk has achieved, upon the request of the council as a whole and upon my approval, the rank of Jedi Master.

This rank is given out to the few who have completely embodied all that is AoF. A member of many years of service. A member of strong skills. A member who has successfully trained any number of padawans. A member who constantly teaches those around him about the lightside as a means of not just game, but life.

I hope you will all join me and congratulating Elk on his wonderful achievement!

Well done Jedi Master/Jedi Council Member Elkairah!
-.:Mastery of the Force:.-

Rank V. Jedi Master- {JM} 

One who is truly, completely at peace with the Force an has unparalleled skill and grace with a lightsaber. At this level, the Jedi has mastered all forms of saber combat, even the most arcane and long forgotten. A bastion of Light and Hope, this person is one of the most wise and powerful entities in the universe, and is to be respected and listened to, for one can learn many, many, many things from a Master Jedi.

This Jedi is always passive and never seeks to fight unless it is the last option, and is looked to to solve any problems or disagreements that may arise between members of the Order.

At this level, the Jedi Master will be given proper administrative powers, pertaining to both the server and the moderation of the forums.

Master is the hardest rank of all to attain, the title usually being granted directly by the Grand Master.

Each Jedi Master has the same responsibility, the welfare of the clan and it's members, as well as the training of new generations of promising Jedi students.

Each Master may have one Padawan learner to train as his or her own.
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