Standard Operating Procedure

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Standard Operating Procedure

Post by Novus'Olm » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:06 pm

Halloween is over, and so now it's time to get back to normal. Henceforth, all AoF members will now be required to resume their SOP-Oriented Roles and Appearances.

Activity has increased lately, so just in case I'd like to remind everyone exactly what those roles and requirements are:


Hopefuls are required to use a Single Orange Lightsaber, preferably without graphical effects. They are Force-Sensitive individuals in canon, but here they are regarded mostly as New Members, or those Returning who chose to fully forefit their previous rank. Hopefuls are expected to have a higher level of activity than Initiates, as they are technically still Probationary Members of the Jedi Order, and can be removed (denied) at any time, with a full council vote.


Initiates are also required to use a Single Orange Lightsaber, but the use of graphical effects (lightning/fire) is not that much of an issue.

Initiates are members who have begun to catch the eye of a member of The Jedi Collective (Knights and above), and are on their way to Apprenticeship. They are still required to retain around the same level of activity as Hopefuls, but it is not as crucial at this point, as they have become full-fledged memebers in their own right.


Padawans are members chosen to become the apprentice of a Jedi Knight, Prestige, Master, or Council, and it is at this stage that they are allowed to create their own Single Lightsaber Color, as well as be trained in the Arcanes by their Masters, pending approval from The Council or ID. They are still not allowed to use DS powers except under special circumstances.

Padawans are expected to dedicate themselves to learning The Jedi Codes, The Way of the Force, and The Way of the Saber. A Padawan without a Master is expected to attend all clan training sessions possible as well as sit in with other Master/Apprentice combos until a Master can be assigned to them.

The Jedi Knights:

A Jedi Knight, having stared fear and despair in the face and living to tell about it, is a pinnacle of Hope and Order. They are well respected members of The Jedi Order, oftentimes having gone through at least 6 months to a year of service before their Jedi Trials, as only then can one understand the full effect of The Jedi Codes and Principles. They are granted limited administrative access to the server, and are placed in charge when a Jedi Council Member or Jedi Master is unable to be online. Jedi Knights have a decent level of responsibility and priveledges, but are still required to use Single Saber and LS until they choose a Prestige Rank or are training their Padawan. (Note I said THEIR PADAWAN, not A PADAWAN)

Once a Jedi Knight has served in their position for at least 3 months, and has at least attempted a Padawan Apprenticeship, they make take the Prestige Trials and choose The Way of Balance (Sentinel: One arcane and either LS or DS during clan training), The Way of the Saber (Guardian: All sabers allowed), The Way of the Force (Consular: DS and LS expert, can use either force at any time, Single Only)

Jedi Masters:

Jedi Masters are the very embodiment of everything it means to be a Jedi and a member of The Angels of Fire. These members are hand-picked by Grand Master IrishDragon. They are given responsibility almost equal to the Jedi Council when it comes to the server and clan, and can take up to two apprentices at once (standard is 1 for JKs). Jedi Masters are allowed to use any force, and any saber, that they wish at any time, for any reason.

Jedi Master is the highest rank one can obtain within The Angels of Fire Jedi Order, and they are essentially honorary Council Members in their own right. That being said, they are expected to help those who ask, contribute to the clan as they always have, and continue pwning faces.

That's about it. Look for more updates and things to come with Mission Mode, Lugormod, and Apprenticeship Updates.

Start recruiting people who seem interested!


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