Inactivity Warnings: Danger Level 1

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Inactivity Warnings: Danger Level 1

Post by Novus'Olm » Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:32 am

As of 11/11/09, the following Angels of Fire Members have failed to meet their minimum requirements of 3 hours a week of activity on the Server, or have not posted sufficient reasons for being inactive.
  • Jedi Knight ZeroTM
  • Initiate Kaelin
  • Initiate UconN
The following clan members have only recently become active to the minimum level, and are still in the "Warning" phase.
  • Jedi Master Landon
  • Jedi Knight Kagome
  • Jedi Knight Mydin
  • Padawan Zieg
  • Hopeful Raikiri
Everyone signed the rules topic, and it's time to start following it.

If you have a problem with the minimum lousy 3 hours a week of playtime then perhaps it is time to consider other venues.

Thank you
Jedi Master Xzorin Tsara

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