Holiday Maps for Christmas 2009

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Holiday Maps for Christmas 2009

Post by IrishDragon » Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:59 am

Please download these maps and place them in your JAPLUS or base folder. Please inform friends, guests, etc... of this post so they too may join in the fun!

This config will auto-restart each day at 4:00am EST (I believe) and it will run from now until the end of Christmas, with a possibility of remaining until Jan 1st, 2010 (If members are enjoying it). FFA config will be switched over to in the event of a trial, etc... but the server will auto-restart this config at the time listed above.

Merry Christmas!!

In the SEVEN X-mas rotation: (Currently in the order in which they rotate)Also, I have added some fun new phrases for the admins to see when they log in and punish people. =)

You will also notice jet pack and melee are now available.

I believe changing maps is now available as well, via a vote.


I will begin testing the download redirect feature so guests can have the files dropped to their base folders from a secondary site. This secondary site will function as a file storage only, this way any hack attempts will only allow for access to that site, and not any of the .cfg files located on the server.
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