Roster Updates: July 3rd 2010

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Roster Updates: July 3rd 2010

Post by Novus'Olm » Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:23 am

The Roster has been updated.. notable changes below:

  • LiptonTea- Inactivity/Not within reasonable AFK guidelines
  • Jawa- Vanished. Due to his history of this happening with AoF, he is barred from reapplying.
  • Spitfire- Given the rank of Hopeful. Spit is not new to AoF, but we welcome him back with open arms.
Activity Updates:
  • Obi-Jinn: Due to his internet issues, Obi-Jinn has been granted Extended Away status for Padawans. This will protect him for up to one year, provided he continue to make efforts to resolve the issue.
  • RockLee: Due to various rumors surrounding his activity from multiple sources, I have made a personal decision to grant RockLee Extended Away status for Padawans, protecting him for up to one year, provided he contact me within the next 15 days. Failure to do so will result in removal from the order.
  • Zieg: Due to unacceptable levels of activity, and not meeting AoF Approved Away requirements, Zieg has been placed under the Inactive status. He will remain as such until the end of the month. Upon meeting activity requirements for 3 consecutive weeks, the slate will be wiped cleen. Failure to do so within 2 calander months will result in removal from the order.
  • Grand Master IrishDragon: Due to his wedding, impending honeymoon, and the fact he is now living in Finland, I have altered his status to Extended Away to prevent a stagnation of The Jedi Council Voting Process. More details to come.

Jedi Academy Info:

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