Important Changes: All members read!

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Important Changes: All members read!

Post by Novus'Olm » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:43 am

My extended away until June 7th begins tomorrow. As such, there are several changes that have either already taken effect, or will take effect within the coming weeks. They are as follows:

Effective Immediately:
  • Jedi Knight Kodin is officially in charge of the entire Wings of the Inferno program. Any Jedi Collective members wishing to make suggestions for new badges, new challenges, or edits to existing challenges, should PM/talk with Kodin. If I receive PMs, I will direct you to Kodin and probably not save your suggestion.
    Since Wings of the Inferno was my brainchild, The Jedi Council must also seek Kodin's approval for the Official enactment of new badges/challenges.
  • Jedi Knight Verlathor is being placed as the official Jedi Classes advisor. He will take up my old duties of scheduling classes for Hopefuls, Initiates, and Padawans, as well as setting up his own lesson plans and managing those of the other Jedi Knights. Council Members may override/cancel his schedule if need be. As the Temple of Serenity is seperate, and more forums based, this will not override/affect that portion of the clan. Aries is still in charge of that.
  • The Inferno Squadrons are disbanded until further notice due to lack of activity from those who signed up. TFFA training will be incorporated into Verlathor's duties.
  • All Jedi Knights seeking to take on a Prestige Class, but have not trained a Padawan to at least "Evals" status, will have their prestige application denied. Knights who have already trained a Padawan, or had that Padawan take evals and then either leave/quit/be kicked from the order, will still be eligable. Current prestige holders will not be penalized, but may not seek to change their prestige until they train an apprentice.
Upcoming Events:
  • Effective tomorrow, January 2nd, 2011, I will be temporarily giving up my seat on the Jedi Council to assume a forums-only modification of Council Advisor. Two seats will then be up for grabs, and the nominees have been forwarded to Grand Master IrishDragon by The Jedi Council. We await his final decision on the matter. The nominees have been contacted.
  • Effective January 31st, 2011: Any padawans that are on unsanctioned AFK status (unannounced, past their return date) will be removed from apprenticeship, which means they will be returned to the rank of Initiate. This will enable our Knights to take more active members of the clan as their apprentices. It is not fair to reward slackers.
In addition, Jedi Knight Kodin has passed the Trials of Nidom, and now bears the KWSN sub-badge. (Yeah, pointless news but I was bored :P)

I will be holding random events throughout the evening tomorrow, as it is my last day until June to be JA-Active.

Best wishes,

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