NEW! Challenge Badges!

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NEW! Challenge Badges!

Post by Elkairah » Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:11 pm

Introducing, shiny challenge badges to go along in your profile!

Thus far, Youngling badges have been completed, if you have earned one or more of the badges below, check your Wings of Inferno Profiles, and have a nice look at your badges!

Hopeful Challenge Badges

- Wings of Strength

- Wings of Virtue

- Wings of Story Telling

- Wings of Patience

- Wings of Endurance

Initiate Challenges Badges

- Wings of Knowledge

- Wings of Victory

- Wings of Intuition

- Wings of Stamina

- Wings of Creativity

At some point, Padawan badges will come next, then eventually Collective and Milestone. When those are done, they will be announced here as well!

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