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Coming Soon!

Post by Elkairah » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:17 pm


Two New Prestige Classes
With the three current Prestige Classes focusing on combat, we felt it was time to implement classes that focused more on different aspects of being a Jedi Knight. They are both in the works as of the moment, and things are being ironed out with them, such as Trial procedures, Training Procedures, and tags should we allow Knights to take one of these as well as a Combat Prestige Class.
The Two New Classes {JT} - Jedi Trainer: The Jedi who proceeds down this Mental Prestige path will be allowed to take a maximum of three Padawans, and will be given special privileges such as the usage of both Arcane Sabers and Dark Side Force Powers to do mass training classes on the server without Council supervision. (Something that is currently reserved for Jedi Masters and Council Members)

{JO} - Jedi Oracle: The Jedi who proceeds down this Mental Prestige path will be considered one of the most knowledgeable within AoF. These Jedi will be required to demonstrate above average understanding of all aspects of Jedi Lore, and the psyche. In a role that was previously reserved for either Jedi Master Novus'Olm or Jedi Master Landon, Jedi Oracles will be called upon to perform the "mental crackdown" portion of The Jedi Trials. In addition to displaying above average control of their minds, Jedi Oracles will also be allowed to seek out new allies for The Angels of Fire, as well as meet with our current allies higher leadership, without Council supervision.
Notice Once more to let you know, these are not yet available, but rather an announcement, to let you know that they are in the works, and that they may become available in the coming month.

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