Inactivity: New Policy

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Inactivity: New Policy

Post by Novus'Olm » Tue May 10, 2011 1:45 pm

Due to the amount of members who are blatantly ignoring the fact that they signed up for a clan who plays Jedi Academy, the following Server Inactivity Policy will now be commonplace.

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order requires ALL MEMBERS regardless of rank, time served, or any other factor, to meet a minimum activity requirement in order to maintain their membership status.

This requirement, regardless of my personal thoughts on the matter, is a measly ONE HOUR OF PLAYTIME PER STANDARD WEEK.

While I understand more than anyone that life can get in the way of this, we have the AFK Request System in place for a reason. If you have a legitimate, gameplay-stopping reason for being inactive, post it to let us know. Otherwise, you will be subject to the following:

Activity Checks will be performed every two weeks. If you are found to be inactive (defined as not being spotted on the server by a member of The Jedi Council or select Jedi Collective members), you will be subject to disciplinary action such as:
  • Hopefuls and Initiates: Three inactivity warnings within 90 days will result in automatic demotion (initiates) or removal from the order (Hopefuls)
  • Padawans: Three inactivity warnings within 90 days will result in voiding of all Jedi Trial Evaluations or Trial Scores, along with possible loss of apprenticeship and demotion.
  • Jedi Knights/Prestige/Masters: Three inactivity warnings within 90 days will result in loss of administrative privileges. Lack of response or activity after that will result in automatic retirement.
  • Jedi Council Members: Three inactivity warnings within 60 days will result in loss of administrative privileges, along with possible suspension from The Jedi Council.
In addition to the above, Jedi Council Members are required to use the Xfire Gaming Messenger system when at their PC. It takes you only a few moments to respond to a problem, then you can go back to your homework/surfing/whatever if you don't feel like playing at that particular moment.

All activity warnings will be sent by PM and to your email address. The PM system will be tracking the messages, as to avoid the excuse of "No I didn't read it". If your forums account shows you accessing the forums, but the messages say "unread", you will be counted as "read".

If you can't commit a lousy one hour a week to this order, we need to look at parting ways.

EDIT: In addition to the above, members who are removed from the clan due to inactivity will need to wait a minimum of 2 months before being allowed to reapply, and their reapplication period will be no less than 3 weeks.

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