Forums Changes: 06/16/2011

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Forums Changes: 06/16/2011

Post by Novus'Olm » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:46 am

The following layout changes have been made to the Forums:

>> The Great Hall has had a few forums rearranged and/or renamed:
  • New Member Information has been renamed to "Member Information". The "General Clan Discussion" Forum is now inside this category.
  • The "AoF Games" forum has been moved from "Clan Projects" to directly under "The Great Hall" so as to make it more easily accessible.
  • "The Angels of Fire" forum has been renamed to "The Commons", and a description has been added. This is due to member confusion about where to place Suggestions and Name Change requests.
>> The Wings of the Inferno forum has been moved to a new spot, right below The Great Hall.

>> The Administrative Guidelines forum has received several new posts regarding the new Event Server RCON holders' rights and responsibilities.

>> (JAWA) Leader Si.Link has been granted access to add events to the AoF Calendar.

>> General housekeeping edits have been made.

>> The Clan Roster has been updated.


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