Change in The Jedi Council

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Change in The Jedi Council

Post by Novus'Olm » Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:46 am

Jedi Guardian Master Elkairah, long time member of The Angels of Fire Jedi Order, as well as one of my best former students, has stepped down from The Jedi Council due to his impending retirement from the order.

Master Elkairah, sort of "forced into" the role of Jedi Council Member, performed many great deeds and services to The Angels of Fire Jedi Order during his leadership era, and performed them to the absolute best of his ability. Elkairah is mostly noted for the following:
  • Revolutionizing the Jedi Prestige Trial System
  • Playing a large role in the reconstruction of The Jedi Trial System
  • Training Jedi Knight Kagome, former Padawan Cyrax, and current Padawan Kalek.
  • Embodying the very spirit of The Angels of Fire Jedi Order, as well as embodying all that it means to be a Jedi, both ingame and outside of the game.
Not only that, but he was and will continue to be one of AoF's greatest duelists, as demonstrated by the ranks of both Jedi Guardian and Jedi Master.

Today, as Council Advisor acting in Grandmaster IrishDragon's stead due to his AFK, I hereby release Elkairah from his duties as a Jedi Council Member, and thank him for his tremendous and outstanding service to the order as a leadership figure by granting him the Crimson Wings of Leadership.

Elk, I can honestly say that you were, and will continue to be, one of my closest friends and best students. I wish you well in the future, and hope that one day you may return to us, even in an active Retired Jedi capacity.

We now leave our roles as fellow council members. We will continue to be, forever and always, Brothers in the force.

Brother to Brother, yours in the force,

Jedi Master Novus'Olm

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