Clan Updates: 12/20/2011

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Clan Updates: 12/20/2011

Post by Novus'Olm » Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:07 pm

Administrative Changes
  • Apollo has been designated as the new "Lead Administrator" for the AoF Wiki. He has a large amount of creative freedom regarding the project, but still reports to Novus'Olm, the Head Administrator.
  • Aries has been designated as the new "Image and Layout Specialist" for the AoF Wiki. He is currently working on redesigning and finishing the Wings of the Inferno Badges, and has already designed the Inferno League badges.
  • Phantasm has been given his Jedi Knight admin password back.
Clan Events/Projects changes
  • The Inferno League, initially known as "AoF Competitive Training Nights", has been created. Please see the link in the Navigation Bar at the top of the forums, or visit this link for more information.
  • All official events, including impromptu training sessions and games, will now be posted soely on the Calendar. All members are responsible for checking the calendar on a weekly basis for passwords, maps, and event times. Those that "do not know" about events and attempt to join more than halfway through will be denied access. The Calendar can be found in the Navigation Bar at the top of the forums, and upcoming events are shown on the very bottom of any forums page, same area as birthdays.
Membership Changes
  • Cziko and Slarenex have been accepted into the order as Hopefuls.
  • Rez was allowed to return to the order following his removal for inactivity, and has been given the temporary rank of Aspiring Hopeful.
  • Shen Dako has been reassigned to the rank of Aspiring Hopeful.
  • Hopeful Alice has returned from Extended Away, and has changed her name to Ana.
  • The Holiday Contest Deadline has been extended to December 24th at 6pm CST. This is the absolute LAST chance to get your entries in. You may submit your entries in Apprenticeship Square -> The Vortex -> Contests -> Holiday Contest 2011.
  • The next scheduled Inferno League is on Friday, December 23rd, at 8pm CST. Please remember to check the calendar for all upcoming events, as well as their information such as passwords, server IPs, and maps.
Thank you,
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