Changes and Activity Update: 04/18/2012

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Changes and Activity Update: 04/18/2012

Post by Novus'Olm » Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:04 pm

Clan Administration
  • Jedi Knight Moosero has stepped down from The Jedi Council due to personal issues, and taken an extended leave of absence.
  • The Jedi Council held the April Meeting on 04/17/2012, and will be implementing several changes to the clan's structure, recruitment strategies, and training requirements over the next few weeks. All changes will be documented in a single post, edited as things occur.
Activity Check

The following members will be REMOVED from the order in SEVEN DAYS for violating activity requirements, unless they speak to myself or another member of The Jedi Council over Xfire before the deadline:
  • Hopeful Spitfire
Enlistment Changes:

In an effort to improve our recruitment rate, the following changes have been made to the Enlistment Process per April 17th's Jedi Council Meeting:
  • Current and Future applicants will receive the "Pre-Rank" of Aspiring Hopeful after their application is acknowledged by a member of The Jedi Council. The applicant will not be able to wear the [AoF] tags due to clanpass protection, but they will wear the {AH} end-tag. This change was implemented in order to make it easier to spot our applicants on the server, and will also serve as their "pass" to select events normally reserved for members of the order. (TFFA, Power Dueling, etc). The AH pre-rank can be removed at any time, with or without due process/just cause.
  • The Angels of Fire Saber and Force Restrictions will go into effect immediately after the {AH} end-tag is applied, while on AoF property.
  • Applications will now expire after 7 days of inactivity from the applicant. Said applicant will have the ability to reapply 14 days after the expiration date of their application, but only after speaking to a member of The Jedi Council.
Other Changes:
  • Members, please keep an eye out within the next few days for a topic entitled "Member of the Day" in the General Clan Discussion section, for an upcoming Wiki Project.

Jedi Academy Info:

Visit my AoF Wiki Page for information about me.
Rules and Regulations of AoF
Rank Rules

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