The Wings of Madness

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The Wings of Madness

Post by Kalek » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:11 pm

Hi everyone, Kalek here announcing a new Wings of the Inferno. "But Kalek," you say as I send cannibal garden gnomes to your room. "This isn't really news worthy of the front page". Fear not concerned and soon to be digested reader, because I am completely ignoring you. I give you the Wings of Madness, where you face Jimmy and try not to die.

Jimmy has secured a place in our hearts by carving himself a spot with his bare hands. He has become a well known being in our little family here, so I thought to myself "Why not have people try to not die while in the same room with him? It could be fun, they'll even get a badge with his face on it! What's not to love?"

I know many of you are thinking that the idea of fighting a small Jawa that has almost every force power, two lightsabers, an insane amount of health, and a single hobby of cutting folks into bits isn't exactly the Webster definition of "fun." If you are one of these people think of it as a challenge, from me to you. I am calling you out. Are you going to let me run my big mouth or are you going to stand there and scream as my diabolical son dices you to ribbons? Your move.

The Wings of Madness as I defined it on the Wings of the Inferno AoF Wiki page:
The ultimate survival challenge. Survive for 10 minutes with the battle hungry Jimmy. He may be small but do not let that distract you, he is a vicious fighter who loves to meet (and mutilate) new people. Like the Wings of Survival, you must survive for 10 minutes while facing Jimmy. You may use any force power your rank allows. You may not use grapple, God Chat, or hide so he does not see you. You may try to kill him.
Don't have the file with Jimmy and his friends in it? Download it here!

Apply for any/all Wings of the Inferno today!

Good luck! You're going to need it. So much.

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