JKA and TOR Updates

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JKA and TOR Updates

Post by Novus'Olm » Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:59 am

Greetings to all.

I have a few updates regarding both the JA and TOR sides of AoF:

AoF "Cross-Membership":

So far, it hasn't been an issue, but our TOR branch is only a few days old, so I want to reiterate:
Membership within JKA and TOR are kept separate in terms of administrative process, as well as member legacy.

Your performance in JKA does not affect your privileges or status within TOR, and vice versa. This goes for both positive and negative. Do not misunderstand, however, as going inactive within JKA because you are playing TOR will still result in possible removal from the JKA side of the order.

The only exception to the rule is for the TOR division's "Crossover" program, which will grant AoF:JKA members the automatic guild rank of Padawan (Force users) or Soldier (Non-Force) until January 31st, 2013.

JKA Updates:

As it is now officially done, I'd like to announce at this time that Verlathor and Kalek have both been given, and trained in, RCON for all of the AoF JKA Servers. They will now be able to run events, solve administrative issues, etc.

Please be aware that they still have to remain within the acceptable boundaries of their administrative abilities. Do not ask them to turn on cheats, shut off force, change the name of the servers, alter names of admin ranks, grant you admin access, etc.

Also, there will be new Wings of the Inferno challenges coming within the next few weeks. You may also have noticed the challenges being completed at a faster pace, thanks in large part to Jedi Knight Qeran.

I'm also developing a few new ranks for the order, and will be presenting them to The Jedi Council some time around mid-january.

TOR Updates:

The TOR branch of AoF is meeting with relatively decent success, so far. We are now up to a total of 13 active members (not including alternate characters), and two of them are interested in trying JKA.

We're about 450,000 credits away from purchasing a Guild Bank, thanks to donations from Toldaru, one of our TOR-Invited members, as well as myself.

Retired Jedi Knight and former Jedi Council Member Leonhart has been instrumental in the establishment of the guild, as well as helping everyone learn the game, and has been granted the title of Co-Founder and 582nd Warmaster (the Non-Force equivalent of Grand Master) within the guild. He will be the TOR branch's lead contact, while I maintain my status within both sides of AoF.

Padawan Aurion of the JKA division has also been granted a seat on The Jedi Council within the TOR branch. He is currently tasked with the Guild Library on the Guild Portal site, and can invite people to the guild.


Other than that, stay tuned as always.

Council Advisor Novus'Olm/Grand Master Anadavri
Angels of Fire Jedi Order (JKA and TOR)

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