Changes in Clan Structure: Adept, and the Paths of the Jedi

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Changes in Clan Structure: Adept, and the Paths of the Jedi

Post by IrishDragon » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:08 pm

Ok, well, I needed to read that and have a small discussion about it...

Adept is a nice filler rank for those on the path to JK. Allowing a, hopefully, lack of stagnation and demoralization on the part of those in the training process.

Personally... I still feel that the H and I ranks should also be included in these group trainings. My reasoning for that is that it will give them more of a sense of comradory, belonging, and purpose. It would also give those of the JK+ ranks something more to do and maybe even provide them benefits and advancements based on their success rates.

Either way... I believe this to be a change for the best interest in the clan moving forward.

This addition/adaption to the ranking system is approved by me. (thumbUp)

Please make sure that the appropriate additions to the Wiki, and permission groups are set up on the forums. Contact me if assistance is needed beyond this approval.
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