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Post by Moosero » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:12 am

Things are not as bad as they seem on the surface.

Qeran is working his buns off with the WOTI as well as running FF classes, Novus is also working his buns off with running the Inferno, and working with the rest of the council on some major updates (like the new ranks) I am working on a couple of mods/maps in my spare time (which is limited but does exist) and trying to get on the server when I can. There are a fair few things going on in the background to get the clan on the right track, but these will not happen overnight.

I hadn't realized the sled was still in the banner, if Z has the time i'm sure he can update it, or failing that i still have an old design which could be thrown up. Its good to know you are up for skinning, i may have a little task for you at some point.

The best thing everyone can do is to keep going, keep playing, and keep suggesting things (it doesn't matter if you think the idea is a bit stupid, just suggest it anyway)

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Post by Zieg » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:27 am

Well. I really hate being that guy. But there's no need to worry too much. I'm sorry for saying this but we don't by any means need Kalek, Verl, and Apollo. Novus, Leon, Kodin, and Moose have done this for years. Qeran is perfectly qualified to work as well. What we need is for people to step up and say "Look. I'm just a Hopeful, but how can I help."

Things are a little rough, but it's no fire we haven't walked through before ;)

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