FAQ: Ranks

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FAQ: Ranks

Post by IrishDragon » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:07 am

FAQ: Ranks


Q: How many ranks are there in the AoF Jedi Order?

A: There are six "official" ranks, and one pre-rank. In addition, there are [url=http://====================================================]Prestige Classes[/url] and holding a seat on the Jedi Council.


A. Aspiring Hopeful - {AH}

Starting with AoF

I. Hopeful - {H}

II. Initiate - {I}

Clan membership

III. Adept - {A}

IV. Padawan - {P}

V. Jedi Knight/Prestige - {JK}

Prestige Classes, Warrior's Path:

~Adept Guardian- {AG}
~Adept Sentinel- {AS}
~Adept Consular- {AC}

Prestige Classes after passing Prestige Trials (Warrior's and Teacher's Path):

~Guardian Knight- {JG}
~Sentinel Knight- {JS}
~Consular Knight- {JC}

VI. Jedi Master - {JM}

-~Jedi Council~- {C}
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