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Congrats to:

Post by Novus'Olm » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:52 am

In order to attempt to boost our activity levels, as well as play more of our AoF Original Games and Events, a separate server has been created. is the IP for the server. The LMS and TFFA configs have been loaded, along with two other configs that will make it easier to execute our games such as Jedi's Creed and Prison Break.

In order to further enhance this experience for ALL members and allies, regardless of time zone, four RCON Holders besides myself and ID have been selected.

They are:
  • Jedi Sentinel/Councilor Kodin: Representing the PST Time Zone
  • Jedi Knight Verlathor: Representing the GMT Time Zone
  • Jedi Knight/Councilor Leonhart: Representing the EST Time Zone
  • Jedi Guardian Raikiri: Also representing the EST Time Zone and Late Night
All events/games played on this server will be posted to the Calendar, along with any server passwords and/or required maps.

Hopefully, this will help.

The four RCON Holders will be trained by yours truly, and will begin in full force by the end of the week.

Congrats, you four.


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